We were interested in Stat3.

‘We were interested in Stat3, because several recent studies have shown that it plays an important role in inflammation, ‘adds Gao. ‘For example, in animal models of sepsis – a systemic, uncontrolled inflammatory response – Stat3 proved to be the most important mediator of anti-inflammatory signals in macrophages. In addition, hematopoietic – specific Stat3 knockout mice progressive inflammatory bowel disease who develop usually fatal. ‘.

However, they would later discover that p53 itself is regulated by another factor: protein Mdm2. Then thought they had a means to reactivate p53 discovered.. Much focus is placed on p53 in cancer research. Discovered in 1979, p53 precisely regulates cell proliferation and triggers cell distribution or programmed natural cell death in compliance with the requirements. In contrast to ‘normal’cells, which advised the cell cycle of tumor cells out of control, making the anarchic proliferation of cells, the cause of cancer.Crystals thinks that the cocaine vaccines will be willing for Examination in humans as approximately he, he stated that has additional tests yet to be carried out in mice, rats and apes, acknowledgesd to make sure that the vaccine is safe and his: that looks great, but the man is not large mice.

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