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Women microbicides to protect against HIV-like virus monkeysexperiments on female monkeys have shown for the first time, when used in combination, vaginal gels can protect microbicides can protect against an HIV – like virus. The research, by the by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases , one of the National Institutes of Health suggests that similar combination microbicides could be a safe, effective and convenient way for HIV to to prevent women, study investigators.

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The United Nations reports was it approximately 19.2 million refugees, internally displaced persons and asylum seekers worldwide in 2004, according to background more in the article. Scholars who have these groups a high level of violence exposure to, frequently find with a plurality traumas, and serious psychological problems. Previous studies usually notice that depression and post traumatic stress disorder are the most common psychiatric disorders in refugee. Little above the long-term psychological injury suspended refugee years after the final displacement in resource-rich countries as the U.S.