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, For more information about WNV and other mosquito-borne illnesses, a checklist to reduce the mosquito population in and around homes, and a brochure on WNV.

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Chronix proprietary diagnostic proprietary diagnostic databases specific information using algorithms to detect them, peer reviews develop identify disease-related fragments of of DNA which release the bloodstream by apoptotic cells. This apoptotic DNA dates from a limited set of chromosomal regions involved, and ‘hotspots’on the genome of for any disease for each disease. By focusing on those genomic hotspot , the Chronix Reviews reliably detect the presence of cancer, beforehand previously and to analyze cancer cells, an important advantage. – ‘The huge increase in speeds and efficiency of the OJ SOLiD4 has enables us a dramatic accelerating the development the proprietary diagnostic databases and information based on basis for our testing serum apoptosis DNA ‘, Julia Beck, Laboratory Manager at Chronix. ‘Platform agnostic flexibility of our technology allows us select the hardware with the optimum performance criteria, and the results to date with this highly automated sequencing are very encouraging. ‘.