With support from the Ohio Third Frontier Research Commercialization Program.

With support from the Ohio Third Frontier Research Commercialization Program, was able to establish the company and scale NANEX manufacturing systems in its new Cleveland-based research and development center. Source: Arteriocyte.. Arteriocyte has several preclinical research programs in the NANEX technology targeting clinical applications including the treatment of ischemia, cancers of the blood and rapidly a high volume ex vivo centered red blood cell Arteriocyte clinical research collaborations include many of the world’s leading academic and clinical research facilities.

That: – Not Just BMI, weight, for measurement of obesity?A new JAMA study published online on Wednesday suggests if people can always eat more calories than their bodies burn each day, it seems, lose body fat and gain muscle mass, if their diet is low in protein. Experts say to commenting in the same issue of the journal Obesity This means we people people total fat and not only to focus the body mass index or body weight.T grant from the Next Generation history Firefighters GlovesAs one of the biggest complaints firefighters who has their work? It is on her gloves. With the current wearing gloves is arranged provide protection against extreme temperatures, it are often bulky and inflexible. Through an past Federal Emergency Management Agency grant, researchers will try to at North Carolina State University, that traditional fire service the glove redesign of fire prevention with has less mass and offers more manual dexterity.

Barker and his team at NC State her research in a conversation with fire fighters will their needs and wants to commence in a glove Based on their feedback, the researchers are test a variety of fabric materials for thermal protection, breathability, isolation and flexibility of – properties among others – and design prototypes which next generation of firefighters the glove. Source: Caroline M.