Worthy cooperationThe EMF project makes a small exception.

Loud after reading this manual The questions: What are the many reports of ill sick by electromagnetic radiation on this fact sheet ? Why WHO refuses to give a comment to the many thrustworthy and verifiable statements and cases? reports reports have not been registered and investigated?. Worthy cooperationThe EMF – project makes a small exception. The instructions say registered, registered, as Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance attributed to Electro Magnetic Fields .

Such studies can never fully represent true life with all of the parameters the constant exposure of living people, animals and plants. However, if the majority of these studies to going on effect, it must be something going on. In fact, there is a problem mentioned by the many reports of the WHO.. Epidemiological ResearchThe scientific basis of the instructions and the booklet are weak. As with asbestos, the only research institution, is proof in epidemiology, since a man-made a man-made environmental factor.The IOM report of the emergency medical care for kids shows a system where most of the hospitals and EMS systems have to worry inadequate training and equipment for kids. Currently, research and education on the optimum care of children is necessary to close this gap.